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Freedive Online is an online platform for PADI Freediver and Instructor Training

Learn from the best, Be the Best

Combined 20yrs Freedive Experience

Freedive Online - Any Time, Anywhere, from your desk to the Ocean

Freedive Online is a professional dive school and platform that focuses on completing the classroom sessions, professional presentations, and all the Novice to Professional e-learning materials, to provide you the opportunity to complete  this in the comfort of your own home. No need to fly to us, we come to you… Online!


With a combination of 20 years of Freedive Experience and 7 years training professionals, PADI Freediver Instructor-Trainer Charl Marais, and PADI Freediver Staff Instructor Brittnee Engelbrecht want to present your PADI theory and learning materials online through this portal and online meetings. A combination of video’s, self study materials, virtual contact sessions with our PADI staff Instructor and PADI Freediver Instructor-Trainer will excel you though what you would need to know to be a PADI Freediver Instructor.


Once Completed you will meet your staff instructor and Instructor Trainer at any of our destinations and locations to complete the practical training, workshops, and examinations to become a true PADI Freediver Instructor!



Shorter time away from your home/dive shop

less expenses incurred on accommodation and living expenses

study at your pace, in your own time!

Online PADI Instructor Learning Material



PADI Freediver, to Instructor and everything in between… From the comfort of your own home, or any destination in the world. You will cover all the required learning and e-learning material for the PADI Freediver Instructor Training.


Our Instructor-Trainer will personally Present! This will allow you to have direct contact, ask your questions and learn extra tips on how to become a PADI Freediver Instructor

Online Freediver Staff Instructor

For The PADI Advanced Freediver Instructor

The PADI Distinctive Staff Instructor Prepares you to start training Freedive Instructors, the right-hand person of the Instructor-Trainer. Staff instructors are instrumental to the mentorship and skills development of the PADI instructor candidates.

Take your teaching skills to the next level! This course will catapult your skills development and change the way you think of freedive instructor.

Supplementary Resources

Sometimes More practice is better, in here you will find handy tips and ways to better your freediving to Master level, and train like and instructor!



We will be there for you! Feel free to contact us, and communicate your questions with regards to the training, we would like to assist you to the best instructor you can be

Training Locations

Freedive Online has bases world-wide which will allow you to train and be trained in some of the world’s most unique and beautiful locations.


Join us Anywhere to Complete your Course –

 We are sure that you have dreamed of freediving in some of the worlds best oceans, or perhaps, a specific location suits you best for convenience?


Have a look at our lists, and let us know where we will next find you!

All Levels accessible

Freediver Online

The First Level of Freediver Experience

Advanced Freediver Online

Refine your technique… Dive Deeper

Master Freediver Online

Master your skills… Master Yourself

How do I get there??

Your Journey is Important to us

To Become a PADI Freediver Instructor is to teach the ultimate PADI course, irrespective of if you are a Scuba Instructor/school wanting a second revenue stream or planning on specializing only in Freedive courses.

The PADI Freediver Instructor Training is a mental, physical and very enjoyable journey to discover a new facet of the ocean. We are here to guide you, take your goals into account, and the kind of instructor you would like to be. Feel free to contact us, we will guide you on your journey.

What is Apnea? ( You'll be hearing this alot! )

To state it simply Apnea is to hold your breath, and as our name says, we are addicted to holding our breath at the Apnea Addicts Feediving. We often practice apnea in order to increase their ability to hold their breath and to dive to deeper depths, but also to ensure that we know what our bodies are comfortable with.


Apnea can be practiced in a variety of ways, including static apnea (holding one’s breath while floating stationary in the water) and dynamic apnea (swimming a distance while holding one’s breath) – This is one of our favourites!

Apnea is an important skill for freedivers to master, as it allows them to stay underwater for longer periods of time and to dive to greater depths. We train, in order to understand the breathold and to be safe in the water..

Talk Directly to the Profesisonals

Drop us an email or a whatsapp, we would love to hear from you, and assist as best we can

Need a breath? Back to the surface!

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