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Freedive Online is the home of online training for PADI Professional Freedivers, Instructor training and Staff Training.


Offering this worldwide as an Online Platform, we can complete large portions of your course without having you leave your office or home. We are also prepared to do this after-hours for you, so that you can do so after diving or work, in order to facilitate your schedule.


Thereafter we can meet you for practical training at various sites around the world.


Drop us a Message, we are here for your convenience!


Freediving is a form of underwater diving that relies on the diver’s ability to hold their breath, rather than using a breathing apparatus such as scuba gear. Freedivers may use fins and other diving equipment to help them swim deeper and faster, but they do not carry air tanks or use regulators to breathe while underwater.

PADI Instructor-Trainer
StaFF Instructor


PADI Instructor-Trainer #324735


Trainer of World Record Holder

Codename: Crazy Seal

Depth: 56m | Statics: 5:52 min | Dynamics: 100m


Freediver Staff Instructor #459236

Business Partner

Qualified BEd Teacher

Codename: The Bluebelt

Depth: 35.8m | Statics: 5:31 min | Dynamics: 125m


Apnea is the temporary suspension of breathing. In the context of freediving, apnea refers to the act of holding one’s breath while underwater. Freedivers often practice apnea in order to increase their ability to hold their breath and to dive to deeper depths.

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