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Freediving - The Physiology

“Freediving – The Physiology” is a comprehensive guide for individuals in pursuit of freediver training at the beginner, intermediate or advanced levels, as well as those seeking instructor and instructor trainer certification. It serves as a tutorial for everyone involved, from novice freedivers to medical professionals eager to broaden their knowledge of the depths of human physiological response to these activities.


A newbie in the world of freediving will find chapters that cover topics like ear equalization, the diving reflex, the workings of apnea, factors related to breath-hold, warnings about shallow water blackout, dietary guidance for before and during a freediving session, and much more.


Experienced freedivers can increase their knowledge of deep freediving, safety rules and rescue techniques with topics such as human diving responses, specialized advice for lung equalization in deep freediving, advanced ear equalization methods, tactics and approaches to extending apnea duration, safety protocols to prevent hyperventilation or a hypoxic state (hypoxia – blackout or LMC – loss of motor control), rescue practices for a hypoxic diver, dealing with thermal issues and especially hypothermia during lengthy freediving activities, diet suggestions pre-dive and on the day diving for better performance underwater, as well as numerous other valuable information essential to improving their performance submerged and avoiding mistakes.


“The Physiology of Freediving”, written by a PADI Freediver Instructor Trainer, biologist – researcher and designer of freediving programs, offers readers the opportunity to experience the same awe and mystery that hundreds of students have had the privilege of discovering in their course under his guidance.


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