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Our base is strong in South Africa, where were taught to dive, and have since expanded over the country. With training facilities available over most of South Africa, you are welcome to join on any of our courses.


Cape Town – Western Cape

Johannesburg – Gaugteng

Durban – Kwa-Zulu Natal


Did you know!

South Africa has a very diverse coastline, and boasts the currents of two different oceans. It’s unique location at the point of Africa, puts this country close to the Antarctic. One side of the country is Atlantic Ocean, with it’s Cold Benguela Current, and the other is Indian ocean, with the warm currents washing down from Mozambique.


This makes the conditions quite diverse, and allows for disciplines in diving one rarely see in other parts of the world.


South Africa also boasts many inland diving and training sites, as well as ship wrecks in the ocean, whales, the Cape Fur Seal and in the colder parts of the country, Kelp forests are very common to see.


Training in South Africa

SA is a great training ground for the PADI Freediver Instructor Training. The rates and living costs are not very high, and flights are inexpensive as well. Our water conditions make for a steep learning curve, and allow for very well trained individuals. If you can dive here, you will be able to dive almost anywhere in the world


You Don’t Want To Miss This!!!

The Maldives is our favourite training ground. With pristine clear water, friendly people, good accommodation and who can forget the coconut juice! 


Training in the Maldives is a walk on the beach, and a jump into some of the most amazing waters you will ever dive in. The course is run on local islands, where accommodation is available very close or at the dive shop itself.  


It is an easy flight to the island, and the conditions are always favourable for freediving. If you wish to join us on this trip, you will not regret a single day!


Hanifaru Island: 

Where possible, the hosting island will be close to the legendary Hanifaru Bay, a UNESCO Heritage site, and Biosphere for the Reef Manta Rays. If the course is presented near Hanifaru, we will arrange a trip to see the manta rays, for you to enjoy the unique heritage of this beautiful island country.



Did you know!

There are over 1100 islands that comprise the Maldives, most of which are only a few feet above sea level. The country has just over 400 000 citizens, and their main source of income is tourism. 


If you go there, fish will be on the menu, since any other form of protein is relatively hard to come by. Their local dishes are very tasty, and you will surely miss out if you do not eat a local meal at least once on your trip


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